I started to listen to music maybe back in 1997 and realised it was the best thing in life. Got my first guitar in 1999 and played first live show in 2000. In 2005 I recorded my first demo to my main band at the time, Astral Sleep, which is still active.

During my years as a musician I have been a guitarist, vocalist, bassist and a drummer in numerous bands. As an audio engineer I have produced, recorded, mixed (in studio and live) and mastered wide selection of bands from many kinds of musical genres. More info on these projects can be found from the ”Musician” or the ”CV”-section.

In 2009 I wanted to learn more about professional audio recording and attended the Music Technology school in Orimattila, Finland. After my graduation in 2012 I have worked as a freelancer in various projects in studio- and live enviroment. Novadays I do most of my recording works in my own place, ”Saarni Studio”.