Highlights of the year 2016:

Minitour in Holland with Burntfield as a Roadie and FOH
Starting my own business, Saarni Music
Commercializing my Studio, Saarni Studio
Starting my own Record label, Saarni Records
Releasing ”Seven Nights” demo with Satan’s Fall
Recording and Releasing ”Metal of Satan” EP with Satan’s Fall
All the great shows with Satan’s Fall, including warming the stage for the likes of Manilla Road, Pentagram, No Compromise Metal Fest in Belgium, etc…
Recording and Releasing the ”Continuum” debut EP with Seer of Ages
Finishing and releasing ”Dreamquest”, the debut album of Kausalgia
Participating as guest vocalist in an upcoming album of a major Finnish Metal act, altough I’m not sure if I can reveal the name of the band just yet…
Not dying at the age of 27

And of course all the great ideas I’ve had and the wonderful people I’ve met during this year!

Plans for the year 2017:

Recording the new EP of Seer of Ages
Releasing the debut album of Bloody Heathen, ”Carnal Ruin”, through Saarni Records
Recording the debut album of Satan’s Fall
Upcoming shows with Satan’s Fall, including the shows in Germany and Greece and warming the stage for Manilla Road (again) and Primordial.
Recording the 3rd album of Astral Sleep
Recording the 2nd album of Kausalgia
Upcoming shows with Kausalgia, next 28.01 @ Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa Finland
Recording my first ”Solo Album”
Releasing the new album and doing some shows with Night of Suicide

Let’s see how many of these things actually happen…




saarni-logo-dark (kopio) 2

Hey! I have started my own business, Saarni Music. It’s a studio, record label and a service for every musical need there is!

Check it out: http://www.saarnimusic.com


This is the official homepage/portfolio of Finnish audio engineer/musician Markus ”Mactus” Heinonen.

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